Britney Spears receives second traffic fine in two months and will have to pay more than R$5,700


Singer Britney Spears was again involved in a traffic incident in Southern California, according to reports from authorities. This time, the artist was reportedly stopped by a California Highway Patrol officer after allegedly committing an inappropriate turn.

According to court records obtained by TMZ, the reason for the police approach was the allegation that Britney crossed the double lines on the road, a traffic infraction prohibited by local laws. As a result, she was fined US$327 (approximately R$1,600), with a payment deadline of November 21st.

Recently, the singer had already been stopped by a California Highway Patrol officer in Ventura County for speeding in her white Mercedes vehicle. On that occasion, she was also fined for driving without a valid driver’s license and for failing to provide proof of insurance.

To resolve these issues, Britney had to pay a total of US$1,140 in fines (around R$5,700), according to records available online. At least, the singer has not accumulated any more traffic violations, and can now focus on meeting the financial obligations arising from these incidents.

Source: Folha

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