BBB 22: Ludmilla defends his wife again after painting by Paulo Vieira


Ludmilla, 26, does not miss the opportunity to defend Brunna Gonçalves’ participation in BBB 22 (Globo). After exchanging ironic messages with Boninho, 60, the singer used social media again this Wednesday night (2) to respond to the quote made by Paulo Vieira, 29, on the board “Big Therapy”.

In the program, the comedian said that the artist’s wife is “missing” and then joked: “I’m going to talk about Brunna not that Ludmilla gets upset”. She, in turn, said on her Twitter that she doesn’t care and took the opportunity to snipe.

“You can talk about Bru, yes, @paulovieirareal! In fact, here on Twitter we only talk about her. Imagine if it wasn’t a plant? Brazil is not prepared for this woman and for forces that are not brute, but you are not ready for this conversation,” he wrote.

The dancer has been called a “plant” by viewers. The reference is used when a person is very erased in the program. Netizens even responded to Ludmilla’s message and agreed that she is hurting with the criticism directed at Brunna.

“I understand you defending your wife Lud. I would do the same. But she is a friendly plant, accepts it and it’s okay too. Better to be a plant than to do shit and be cancelled”, replied a follower. “Lud I admire you as an artist and person, Brunna seems to be a wonderful wife and woman, but in the BBB game she is not yielding, who knows when peace ends there she will be an interesting player”, opined another person.

There were those who also came out in defense of the dancer and supported Ludmilla. ” Best answers, too sensible. We fans know how much Bruninha deserves much more, girl has one of the best opinions about the game, dances like hell * cleans up the bathroom at BBB and on top of that she’s a sweetheart, sincere that speaks in the face of males “, typed a fan club.

“I’ve never seen a plant bother so much.. Her name all the time, in the most talked about subjects”, replied another admirer.

Source: Folha

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