A Fazenda 15: Kamila Simioni is the fifth eliminated from the reality show


Kamila Simioni was the 5th eliminated from A Fazenda 15 (Record). According to popular voting, the influencer registered only 8.88% of the votes and left the reality show on Thursday night (25). She competed to stay on the program with Cezar Black and Kally Fonseca.

Black was announced as the first save to continue on A Fazenda, while Kally was the public’s second option. In the reality show, viewers vote for who they want to stay in the game and the person with the least votes leaves the competition.

Galisteu closed the vote at 0:06 and continued with his farewell speech for the week. “Deep in my heart, a doubt persists: what does Brazil think of my attitudes?”, she asked the trio of farmers. Then, the presenter briefly recalled the trajectory of each of them.

Kally Fonseca, Kamila Simioni and Lucas Souza were nominated in the vote this Tuesday (24) and faced each other in the farmer’s test. Cezar Black, in turn, was already on the farm as he was the surprise nominee for the farm.

However, this Wednesday (25), Lucas won the farmer’s test and was removed from the spotlight, in addition to winning the reign. Last week, A Fazenda 15 canceled its traditional elimination due to the expulsion of Rachel Sheherazade.

Source: Folha

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