Beginning of the week and Markos Seferlis welcomes two mothers and their daughters into his kitchen “My mom cooks better than yours”. Which mom will cook better today?

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The winners of the previous episode, Valve and Yeast, they return to the kitchen for the second victory. This time Maya will cook “stuffed schnitzels with overnight fries”, a dish that her mother, Vana, makes on “Kales Kyriakoules” for the whole family and the comments she gets are positive. But will the comments that Maya gets from Hector be positive?

My mother cooks better than yours

My mother cooks better than yours

Their opponents, the Mary with her daughter Angelica. Maria works in silk-screen printing and Angeliki works in a company with medical supplies. Angeliki will cook “tagliatelle with shrimp alfredo”, but placing the pot in the wrong eye will delay the execution of the recipe quite a bit. Will they finally manage to set a plate?

THE Hector Bottrini he will have to decide which is the best dish of today’s episode and mainly “which mom cooks best”!

Hector Bottrini