The heartbreaking still from an episode of the hit show ‘Friends’ that has gone viral shows Matthew Perry’s co-star Matt LeBlanc sitting alone in one of the two iconic black leather armchairs in the bachelors’ apartment. and which the two friends used to play in a row.

The armchair next to him, the one that theoretically belonged to Chandler Bing’s character, remains empty.

The photo was taken from the hugely popular ’90s sitcom, which ran from 1994 to 2004 and starred Perry as the sarcastic Chandler, while Matt played his on-air best friend Joey Tribbiani.

User X posted the image on the platform on Sunday, simply accompanying the post with a sad emoji.

The image shows Joey looking in frustration at the empty armchair.

The shot comes from a season two episode where Joey theoretically decides to move out of their shared apartment after earning a significant amount of money from a job.

Thousands of people reposted the image, expressing their shock at the sudden death of actor Matthew Perry.