Zezé Di Camargo’s youngest son says he no longer works for his father and backtracks on criticism


Igor Camargo, Zezé Di Camargo’s youngest son, decided to speak openly about his relationship with his father. In a video released on his profile, this Tuesday (7), Igor confirmed the rumors that he is no longer working with the artist, without, however, clarifying whether he was fired, and shared a text to clarify the current status of his relationship with Zezé, stating: “I can’t say that we are united.”

The tension began due to disagreements published allegedly by Graciele Lacerda, the countryman’s fiancée, on a fake profile. Last week, an investigation was opened to investigate the case and Igor, in an interview with Portal Leo Dias, criticized his father’s stance, who defended Graciele. Amabylle, her son’s fiancée, was one of those affected by the alleged virtual attacks.

In his statement, however, Igor Camargo addressed the importance of not forgetting the past and expressed his gratitude for what he learned from his father over the years. “My father, as the whole family knows, never let his children lack for anything, he always thought about his children, and some of the most valuable lessons in my life, such as valuing what we have and knowing the dignity of work, I learned from him. I have gratitude for my father and I know he is proud of me”, he emphasized.

However, Igor recognized the barriers that have arisen between him and Zezé in recent times. “I can’t say we’re united; lately we’ve encountered a lot of barriers, but they’re barriers between two grown men who don’t agree on some things.”

The Camargo family heir also said that “there was a professional rupture”, but “not motivated by what the media accuses”. “I assure you that all commitments to our partners will be preserved in a gradual transition and the disruption is likely to be temporary. Personally, this will allow me to focus on other projects I am engaging with.”

Source: Folha

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