A Fazenda 15: Henrique Martins is the seventh eliminated from the reality show


Henrique Martins was the 7th eliminated from A Fazenda 15 (Record). According to the popular vote, the model registered just 5.64% of the votes and left the reality show on Thursday night (9). He competed to stay on the program with Jaquelline Grohalski and Lucas Souza.

Lucas was announced as the first saved to continue in A Fazenda, while Jaquelline was the public’s second option. In reality, viewers choose who they want to see continue in the game and the person with the least votes leaves the competition.

Galisteu ended voting at 11:57 pm and began his farewell speech. “You three came with a story, but after you set foot here, everything was different. Henrique, you found yourself on a farm where everything was strange, having to adapt all the time. (…) Jaque, our wonder woman, trapped In your private world, you are always confronted by the past, and the fear and trauma of the BBB remain, and then it seems that now you have to prove yourself all the time (…) Lucas, our Batman, fair, correct, zealous with yours, tough with those who face you, in a short time, you created a shell”, said the presenter, before revealing the result.

Henrique Martins, Jaquelline Grohalski and Yuri Meirelles were nominated in this Tuesday’s vote (7) and faced each other in the farmer’s test. Lucas had already been taken to the countryside after a surprise choice by Cezar Black in a special dynamic of the power of the flame.

However, this Wednesday (8), Yuri won the farmer’s test and was removed from the spotlight, in addition to winning the reign.

Source: Folha

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