I imagine you learned it the sympathetic fans of the royal family of England. Yes, yes it is a fact. The Crown is slowly reaching its end. In order not to hurt us too much, however, Netflix decided to release the 6th and final season in two installments, that is, in two parts.

The first part is already available and quite…juicy I would add. Moving to more contemporary contexts, with the end of the cycles, the focus now shifts entirely to the relationships between the royals and the scandals that preoccupied the British public – and beyond – in the 1990s.

We’ve seen the first four episodes of the first part and I’ll tell you one thing: sit back and get ready for fresh and musky British tea.

What events do we see in the first episodes?

The first four episodes of the last cycle of the series cover the last months of Princess Diana. The finale of the episodic 5th cycle included the separation and official divorce of Charles and Lady Dye, while in a political context, the resignation of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. So the first episode begins, with the Eiffel Tower as a background, a calm evening on the streets of Paris, which is violently and unexpectedly disrupted by a severe car accident in the tunnel under the Alma bridge. The shot ends and the story picks up a few months earlier, in the early summer of 1997, with Diana enjoying tender moments with her two sons William and Harry.

From then on, we see Charles and Diana successfully trying to co-exist peacefully after the divorce, with the latter spending perhaps her happiest moments with her children, on walks, excursions and holidays, and the kingdom maintaining a neutral attitude towards both. Until he meets Dodi Fayed. The son of millionaire Mohamed Fayed, owner of Harrods, among others, who is a male version of Dolly the matchmaker and does his best to see them married. Obviously for self-interest, don’t let your mind go to the ideal scenario, that he is some selfless and loving father. Such concepts are somewhat elusive in this series. From her meeting, her relationship with Fayed, until their tragic end, the series shows us quite bluntly, Dai’s torment, the manhunt with the paparazzi and the extent to which this affected her mental health, but also the her lifestyle in general.

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