A Fazenda 15: Cezar Black evaluates the stay of a farmhand after the field: ‘If he stays, they can ring the bell’


Vetoed from this week’s farmer’s test, André Gonçalves went straight to the eighth elimination of A Fazenda 15. One of the members of the group Pôr do Sol”, the actor is a direct target of Cezar Black and Shayn and his probable exit from the game became the subject of duo. In conversation with Alícia X and Radamés Furlan, the two evaluated the pawn’s participation and called him a “plant”.

“If he doesn’t leave, it’s over. It’s already their program… It doesn’t make sense because André did nothing (…) If he doesn’t leave, it’s because they’re engaged and then he can hand over the ends because one of them will be champion”, commented the ex-BBB.

Later, he spoke about the matter again with the Crias and advised the pawns to “ring the bell” and give up the program if André remained in the game. “Let me tell the boys, from the last few outings, people who are plants were coming out. André doesn’t do shit here all day”, began Black, remembering that two of them will compete for public preference. Cezar, Shayn and Alicia are also on the farm.

“If we leave, it’s because they really have a strong crowd and then, my brother, everyone there can even ring the bell because the game is over. The only plant that comes and goes… there’s no way. If he stays, you can ring the bell”, commented Black. Shayn interrupted, “I’m going to keep fighting.” The ex-BBB then added: “For me, it doesn’t make sense. It’s become a fan game.”

Source: Folha

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