Ronaldo Fraga shares criticism of Taylor Swift: ‘Just a capitalist fever’


Fashion designer Ronaldo Fraga used social media this Sunday (26) to share a criticism of Taylor Swift’s visit to Brazil. On Instagram, he replicated a text by criminal lawyer Roberto Tardelli, who refers to the singer as “a dollar-moving machine” and states that her arrival in the country will not be missed.

“Impossible not to repost,” wrote Fraga. The publication’s comments reiterate criticism of Swift — mainly in relation to the singer’s silence in the face of the death of a fan — and state that the designer said “what needs to be said.”

The text says that Swift “does not have the spark of a genius in the arts, a transgressor, a woman who broke standards and took human possibilities to other and unprecedented freedoms. […] She is a global sensation. Just an uber-capitalist fever.”

“Taylor Swift seems to be a dollar-moving machine. By not saying a single word for the fan who died to watch her show, TS, in my opinion, turned her Brazilian tour into a demonstration of what capitalism is capable of doing, demonstrating the how frivolous can someone get who isn’t even moved by the death of a fan”, says another excerpt.

The text also calls the singer “preppy” and says it hopes “she returns to her family.” “She took nothing from us, but she left us one of our dead young women,” she concludes.

Most internet users in the comments endorsed the criticisms of the text. “Phew! What a relief to read this! I make your words my rant”, wrote Carolina Dib. “I only disagree with one thing. She took a lot from us. She took one of our lives!”, Said Rafael Cardoso-Viana.

Source: Folha

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