A Fazenda 15: Radamés Furlan is on the farm; Kally Fonseca, Nadja Pessoa and Tonzão Chagas compete in the farmer’s race


Kally Fonseca, Nadja Pessoa, Radamés Furlan and Tonzão Chagas compete to stay in A Fazenda 15 (Record) this week. One of the four will be the tenth eliminated from the current edition of the reality show and will leave the competition on Thursday (30). Before that, three of them (Kally, Nadja and Tonzão) face the farmer’s test this Wednesday (29), and the winner escapes from the spotlight.

The start of the field was with WL Guimarães, who took his two Power of Flame envelopes. Afterwards, leader Cezar Black declared his vote directly for the farm: Tonzão Chagas.

Then, the house vote began and Kally Fonseca received the highest number of nominations (7) – becoming another name in the field. Next, Yuri read the orange power, which she received from WL: multiply the vote received by a pawn by two. He elected Kally, who went on to number 14.

White power was then revealed to the public: one left became “two left” – thus, the participants began to save a colleague. The remaining two occupied the remaining vacancies on the farm – Radamés and Nadja were the “prize-winners”. WL Guimarães started the vote and also won the right to send a pawn directly to the hot seat: Radamés.


  • Cezar Black voted for Tonzão Chagas;
  • Jaquelline Grohalski voted for Kally Fonseca;
  • Kally Fonseca voted for Jaquelline Grohalski;
  • Lily Nobre voted for Kally Fonseca;
  • Radamés Furlan voted for Jaquelline Grohalski;
  • Nadja Pessoa voted for Jaquelline Grohalski;
  • Yuri Meirelles voted for Kally Fonseca;
  • Márcia Fu voted for Kally Fonseca;
  • Shayan voted for Márcia Fu;
  • André Gonçalves voted for Kally Fonseca;
  • WL Guimarães voted for Kally Fonseca;
  • Tonzão Chagas voted for Kally Fonseca;

Source: Folha

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