Ingrid Guimarães remembers fight with Paulo Gustavo: ‘it was horrible’


In an interview with the podcast “Quem Pode, Pod”, actress Ingrid Guimarães told for the first time the details of a fight with comedian Paulo Gustavo, who died in 2021, a victim of Covid.

“It was horrible,” she told Fernanda Paes Leme and Giovanna Ewbank, the two presenters.

Ingrid went on to say that she would not have survived if she had not made peace with her friend, with whom she had a disagreement over the release date of films they had produced and starred in.

According to her, the distributors of the films the two were releasing promised the same release date in theaters and there was a dispute around that.

The actress said that they didn’t talk about the subject, because Paulo didn’t want to, and that caused a long separation between them, which made her suffer.

“It was horrible anguish, I missed him a lot,” he recalled.

Paulo Gustavo took the initiative to look for his friend and proposed that the two of them get drunk. Ingrid, however, wanted to have the conversation that had been postponed and, after “airing the dirty laundry”, they resumed their friendship.

The two met in the comedian’s apartment, talked about everything that had happened and even talked in his bed, while in the living room the comedian’s husband, Thales Bretas, received doctors for dinner.

“After he died, I spent a month crying for the years I missed out on living together,” said Ingrid. “But I was happy to make up.”

During the pandemic, the two talked every day. “There’s retroactive gossip,” he said, mentioning the years they had been apart.

Ingrid cried when remembering the episode. Giovanna was also moved. She and Fernanda said that Paulo Gustavo is constantly remembered in the podcast interviews.

Source: Folha

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