A Fazenda 15: Kally Fonseca, Nadja Pessoa and Radamés Furlan are on the farm


Kally Fonseca, Nadja Sampaio and Radamés Furlan are in the field and are competing to stay in A Fazenda 15. One of the three participants will be another one of those eliminated from the current edition of the reality show and will leave the competition this Thursday (30). Tonzão Chagas won the farmer’s race and saved himself from the 10th place in Record’s rural attraction.

The trio was nominated in the vote this Tuesday (28) and faced each other in the challenge of the day. Radamés was already in the field because he was nominated in a special dynamic. Owner of the Power of the Lampião of the 10th farm, WL was given the power of the White Flame (pulling a ‘two left’ and vetoing a pawn from the duo in the dispute for the farmer’s hat of the week). The influencer took out the former football player.

In the farmer’s test, held this Wednesday (29), the trio needed luck and aim. Participants took 15 alternate shots and each goal was worth one point. At the end of the round, they needed to choose “odds” (guesses) that could or could not increase their scores. Whoever scored the most points became the leader of the week.

The leader of the Crias group won the first phase with 12 goals, followed by Nadja with 10 and Kally with 7. In the next phase, Nadja was wrong to bet that Kally would score more goals than Tonzão. Kally, in turn, was right with his bet on Tonzão and won 5 more points, totaling 12. The dancer said he would score more than 10 goals. Since this bet was worth 10 points, it shot up to 22 points.

Everyone was entitled to one more shot worth 30 points. Nadja scored her goal and went for 40 points. Kally made a mistake and was left with 12 points. Finally, Tonzão made a clear shot, increasing his score to 52 points and taking the farmer’s hat.

Nadja, Kally and Radamés will compete for the public’s preference to stay in the game. The next person eliminated from A Fazenda 15 will be announced live, on Thursday night (30).

Source: Folha

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