The British government has ordered the destroyer HMS Diamond to go to the Gulf, in order to strengthen “security” in that region as well as in the Indian Ocean, according to a press release published today by the Ministry of Defense in London.

The Diamond, a ‘Type 45’ destroyer (designed to have a small fishing vessel ‘signature’ on enemy radars, itself equipped with an extremely powerful radar capable of monitoring hundreds of targets and anti-aircraft missiles, among others), will ‘work to prevent escalations by malicious and hostile actors seeking to disrupt the safety of navigation, provide security to merchant vessels and guarantee the safe flow of goods,” according to the press release.

Earlier this month, a cargo ship, the Galaxy Leader, was seized by Iran-aligned Shiite Houthi rebels in the southern Red Sea.

“It is critical that the UK strengthens its presence in the region, so that Britain and its interests remain secure in the most volatile and contested world,” commented British Defense Secretary Grant Shapps, always in the press release.

London has already deployed the Lancaster frigate, three minesweepers and a support ship to the area.