Belo has streaming earnings pledged by Justice for debt


The singer Belo, 47, had a defeat in the São Paulo court and now he has been determined to pledge his earnings from streaming because of a debt that would be around R$ 870 thousand. The information was released by UOL columnist Rogério Gentile and confirmed by F5.

According to the São Paulo Court of Justice, all the artist’s income on the music platforms Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, Facebook/Instagram, Netflix, Studio Sol and Google/YouTube is pledged. The decision was made in September of last year, but it was only now in January that the subpoena was sent to the companies.

According to the columnist, the lawsuit was filed by an event producer who hired Belo for a show in 2010, but he did not attend and would not have given any type of explanation for his withdrawal.

This fact would have caused confusion in the audience, looting, invasions, fights and depredation of the place. The producer won the right to have compensation for the damages caused. Wanted, Belo could not be found to answer about the case. The producer of the artist’s shows did not comment.

But this is far from the only legal controversy Belo faces. On February 17, 2021, Belo was arrested by the Rio de Janeiro Civil Police Department to Combat Drugs (DCOD) during Operation It’s What I Deserve, named after a song by the pagodeiro. He was being investigated for performing at a state public school in Complexo da Maré, north of Rio, during the pandemic.

The presentation started on Friday night (12) and lasted until Saturday morning (13), inside the Ciep (Integrated Center for Public Education) Professor César Pernetta, and did not have authorization from the State Department of Education. Those responsible were accused of promoting agglomeration and the invasion.

Sought, the Secretary of State for Education confirmed that no event was authorized in the educational unit that weekend and stressed that “since the beginning of the pandemic and the suspension of face-to-face classes, Seeduc has not authorized any event of any nature within its school units”.

This isn’t the first time Belo has had problems with the police. The singer was already arrested in 2002 after being caught in wiretapping talking to Waldir Ferreira, aka Vado, appointed by the police as the manager of drug trafficking in the Jacarezinho favela, in the north of Rio. He was sentenced to eight years in prison for association with traffic.

After spending a month in prison, still in 2002, he was arrested in effect in 2004, after appealing in freedom and after spending a period on the run. He served his sentence in a closed regime from November 2004 to March 2006, when he was granted a semi-open prison.

In 2019, the Justice of São Paulo determined the attachment of the singer’s copyright to pay a debt of R$ 4.7 million with the former player and football commentator of the Band, Denilson de Oliveira Araújo.

The two find each other strange since Denilson bought the rights to the band Soweto, and Belo, the then vocalist, asked to leave the group, being sued by the footballer for moral damages. In the lawsuit, Denilson argued that Belo left Soweto without paying compensation.

In October of that year, Belo had his cache pledged for payment of a judicial debt, after losing a lawsuit he himself filed against the former player. The singer was ordered to pay procedural costs (succumbency fees, intended for Denílson’s lawyer) of the case, set at 10% of the value of the action.

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