Pepita says she was a victim of transphobia on the part of security and says: ‘I only know how to cry’


Singer and influencer Pepita said she was a victim of transphobia on Friday night (9) in the south of São Paulo. According to her report, she argued with a security guard who works on the street where she lives with her husband, Kayque Nogueira, and her 2-year-old son Lucca.

Pepita said it all started when Kayque asked the man in question to do the couple a favor by taking care of a delivery while they got home. The man reportedly responded rudely via message. When the artist called him to understand what had happened, he hung up on her.

Then, as she drove by the security guard’s location, she decided to talk to him, who was sleeping at the time. Irritated by the approach, he started treating Pepita as masculine, even calling her “friend”. When she asked him to address her as feminine, she was ignored.

“Imagine if I didn’t have my son in the car, if I was alone driving,” said the singer in a video published on social media. “I think I would lose my first-time offender, for sure.”

She continued with the report: “When trying to coerce me, he even called another security guard, who as justification tried to say that ‘people are still learning these things’.”

Pepita says she called the police and waited at home until a police car arrived. “We take so much beating, that there comes a time when we don’t need to cry, to scream, we don’t need to be desperate, nothing like that. We just really need help, you know?”, she said. “We’re already tired of this, of having to keep proving ourselves, proving that I’m her. I’m getting really tired, really.”

Afterwards, she recorded the arrival of the police and wrote on social media: “I’m going to the end!” She also commented that she was looking for a lawyer to represent her in the case.

“My nerves are shaking, I’m lying down now and I only know how to cry”, he reported at the end of the night. “When we think that we are strong and that things are improving, we see that there is still a long way to go. Why, my God?”

Source: Folha

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