BBB 24: Listed for the Box, Simaria says: ‘I love it’


The singer Simaria has been speculated as one of the names that should be part of the Big Brother Brasil 24 Box. The announcement of the participants will take place on January 5th.

This Thursday morning (28), the artist continued to be one of the most talked about topics on the social network X (formerly Twitter). Without denying it, she spoke out. “We’re trending, I love it,” she wrote.

Vignettes that would be leaks from Globo have already appeared on the networks. Simaria would be the first confirmed participant. Since she broke up with her sister, Simone Mendes, she has not presented new work.

Last week, Boninho, the director of the reality show, sparked the curiosity of internet users after publishing a video with tips on who the participants might be.

Through Instagram, he showed cards with drawings that refer to the names. Among the images was a plane, a cook and a woman holding a microphone. The publication stirred social media.

“Shall we start a game of guessing? I found a way to give you some tips”, he said. The public suggested that among the names would be Chico Moedas and Gkay.

Source: Folha

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