“Saturday with friends” with Christos Ferentinos

Premiere on Saturday, January 6 at 21.00, on SKAI!

From Saturday January 6 and every Saturday at 21.00, the groups that will change on Saturday evenings are coming to SKAI!

THE Christos Ferentinos with a large group of friends and favorite performers fill our Saturday nights with fun, positive energy, music, songs and dances.

Epiphany day, in our company the Candy! The great performer gives us all her great hits while we will enjoy her on stage in unexpected partnerships!

Together with Glykeria we will also enjoy her Pitsa Papadopoulouhim Yiannis Zouganelishim Costas Triantafyllidisthe Demythe Anastasiahim Haris Makri and the actor Thanasis Alevras in one appearance – surprise!

The great company is completed by selected guests: the most suitable “Mismatches” of the morning news, Yannis DsounosChristos Koutrasthe protagonists of the SKAI series, “The Pantheons”, Christina Alexanian and Smaragda Adamopoulouthe Ioanna PappaThe Lakis Gavalasthe Sophia Manolakouthe composer George Andreouthe writer Spyros Petroulakis and the author Yannis Kalpouzos.

“Saturday with friends!”
Saturday January 6 at 21.00, on SKAI!