BBB 24: ‘It crossed my mind to press that button’, says Luigi about missing his son


Eliminated from BBB 24 (Globo) with 7.29% of the votes, Luigi revealed on Mais Você, with Ana Maria Braga, that he thought about giving up the reality show. His three-year-old son will have his birthday on February 15th, and being away from him affected the seller.

“It crossed my mind to press that button [da desistência], as I never spent more than four days away from them. It was causing me crazy mental illness,” she said.

In the chat, Luigi also said that his dream is to be an actor for children. “I studied stage lighting and when I was about to graduate I started with scenography, but I always wanted to be an actor. I like working with children, children’s characters, they are our future.”

Interestingly, Luigi’s teacher was the actor Amaury Lorenzo, who played Ramiro in “Land and Passion”. The actor himself sent a message to his brother.

“I was his performing arts teacher, I love your humor, the way you joke. Happy to see you shining,” he said.

However, if he wants to become an actor, Luigi will have to combat something he says he has: low self-esteem. In the conversation with Ana Maria, he commented that he thinks he is too thin and that he has already lost opportunities in tests and music videos because he “doesn’t have a more standard appearance”, that is, because he isn’t strong or has a prettier smile.

Source: Folha

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