BBB 24: Rodriguinho suggests aggression if his wife hugged Xanddy Harmonia: ‘Take a boxing session’


During a conversation with Pitel and MC Bin Laden this Friday afternoon (2) on BBB 24, Rodriguinho disapproved of Deniziane’s, Anny, attitude in hugging Xanddy Harmonia during Wednesday’s show (31).

“She grabbed Xanddy. If my wife grabs any man in front of me, she’ll take a boxing. Take a boxing. There’s no such thing,” he threatened, remembering that the sister is in a relationship with another participant (Matteus Amaral) inside the house.

Rodriguinho’s speech was immediately disapproved by Pitel, the only woman in the room. “What madness is this?” she astonished her. “She’s a fan of the singer and just gave her a hug,” she added. But, the brother didn’t forgive: “Respect and posture”, said the singer who has been married for three years to photographer Bruna Amaral.

It didn’t take long for internet users to remember the accusation of domestic violence that Nanah Damasceno, Rodriguinho’s ex-wife, made to the pagodeiro in 2021. Recently, she said that she forgave him after he asked her for forgiveness. “This story is already very well resolved. We have come to terms with it, we ask for forgiveness. I believe that people can have the chance to change, guys.”

Twin of participant Deniziane, Enny Ferreira immediately used her Instagram to repudiate Rodriguinho’s comment. “Guys, it’s every nonsense that comes out of this man’s mouth. I don’t know how his wife puts up with him. It’s sad to believe that many women go through this today because of machismo”, she lamented, who also praised Matteus Amaral. “Mattheus seems like a nice person and was super supportive of her at the time. It’s sad. But the masks fall even with time on the show”, she concluded.

Source: Folha

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