The first Gala of 7th cycle of My Style Rocks on SKAI ended with her victory Amina Hakim and her departure Theodoras Fortoma.

Red and black dominated the looks of the contestants with some taking inspiration from or copying a look suggested by a designer.

Theodora Fortoma leaves My Style Rocks:

Zeta dressed up to celebrate the day at a luxury hotel with her husband to rave reviews despite being seen as relatively simple. Simone chose to celebrate the day with her bestie in London, she got high marks but the outfit she made for the occasion was deemed a copycat. Theodora chose to go to a private restaurant area for dinner with her partner in her mother’s dress, receiving mixed reviews while her appearance was considered not modern. Agapi went all the way to Paris for dinner and was the only one who didn’t choose red for her look. However, it was considered simple and somewhat off topic. Elizabeth chose Holland for dinner and drinks on a riverboat, but although the silhouette was considered good, the look was not considered successful. Nikolina also found herself on a riverboat to celebrate with her boyfriend, receiving positive reviews, although the color blocking she attempted was not considered perfect. Fotini traveled all the way to Rome for a dinner in a tower with her boyfriend, earning high marks from the other contestants. Amina chose to celebrate the day at a designer friend event dedicated to love, she may have felt oppressed by the mission but she received positive ratings and reviews. Adriana celebrated the anniversary with her boyfriend with the rating of the other contestants moving from 1 to 4 with Simone talking about her character. The surgery she did on the designer dress she was wearing was negatively commented on.

Amina Hakim winner of the first Gala:

The winner was Amina Hakim and Theodora, Elissavet and Fotini emerged as candidates to leave. The jury has decided for this first week which fashionista will leave the competition. Lakis Gavalas announced that with the consent of all the members of the jury from My Style Rocks Theodora Fortoma leaves.

However, the position of Elisabeth and Fotini is still not certain in the competition!

The three candidates to leave:


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