She is known for her youthful looks and incredible figure. And the Jenifer Lopez she showed all her good features in her latest photo shoot, for a tribute made for her by the magazine “Variety”.

The 54-year-old artist impressed her fans – and not only – by wearing a series of impressive clothes, which highlighted her shapely figure.

In her interview, Lopez opened up about her romance with Ben Affleck, revealing why it took so long for the couple to get back together. Recall that the couple separated in 2004 after a failed engagement, reunited in July 2021 and married in Las Vegas in July 2022.

Appearing on ‘The Kyle And Jackie O Show’, the artist explained that it took her almost two decades to find herself, before the ‘universe opened up and allowed her to be reunited with her ex-lover’. “Ben Affleck is the love of my life. I fell in love with this man at the wrong time. We had to grow up and do other things before our paths crossed again. We both went off and had kids with other people and other relationships, but, you know, in the back of my mind I was kind of like, “He’s the one and only,” and that’s how we got back together.”said, among others, Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez

And he continued: “I couldn’t believe it and I don’t think he could either. It’s not something we ever planned. We had really moved on with our lives, but when we reconnected, it was almost instantaneous and we just knew it.”. Lopez continued to describe her personal journey, while mentioning that having children made her a better person.

Jennifer Lopez

“I’ve been on a real journey since my kids were born,” said the pop star, who shares twins Max and Emme with Marc Anthony.

Ben Affleck is also the father of two teenage daughters from his ten-year marriage to Jennifer Garner, which ended in 2018. The singer said she spent time during her marriage to Marc trying to figure out who she really is:

I was trying to get better and understand myself. I wanted to be a great mom and a good role model for my kids. Then when I got divorced it kind of started another phase where I was trying to figure myself out and relationships and stuff like that“, she added.