BBB 24: Yasmin Brunet says she only dated Cabeção from ‘Malhação’ due to his resemblance to Eminen


Yasmin Brunet released her voice this Wednesday afternoon (21) on BBB 24 with Eminem’s song “Without Me” and talked about her admiration for the rapper. The American was her crush when she was a teenager and even led to her relationship with a Globo actor.

“He was my first American crush. I only dated a boy because I thought he looked like him”, said Yasmim. “The big head from ‘Malhação’, do you know who he is? Do you remember him?”, she asked Rodriguinho, referring to actor Sérgio Hondjakoff, who played the character between 2000 and 2005 on Globo. “Bullshit, he was cute, not just because of that, but that’s what attracted me,” she added.

Yasmin and the eternal Cabeção dated in 2003, when the actress was 15 years old. The two were caught together at a show by the band Charlie Brown Jr., who sang hits from the Malhação soundtrack at the time. Their relationship was revealed live on the now-defunct Domingão do Faustão.

The model also dated other celebrities, such as Kayky Brito, in 2003, who played the character Bernadete in Chocolate com Pimenta (2003). She was also involved with Luan Santana, MC Daniel, Gustavo Mioto and was married to model Evandro Soldati and surfer Gabriel Medina.

Source: Folha

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