BBB 24: Rodriguinho could be the thorn in Globo’s side to end up with celebrities in reality


Gabriel Vaquer

Since leaving BBB 24 this Tuesday (27), with high rejection — close to 80% —, pagodeiro Rodriguinho has been making the traditional rounds of special panels and Globo programs to talk about his time on the reality show. And the milder editorial line is evident.

At Bate-Papo BBB, Thaís Fersoza and Ed Gama were clearly more restrained in relation to the program made with Nizam. Of course, Rodriguinho’s ‘carefree’ behavior helped with this. But there was no more scathing criticism of his manners in the house.

For example, the samba singer’s sexist comments regarding Yasmin Brunet’s body were not introduced more forcefully. Rodriguinho said that she will only understand out here and that’s it.

In Mais Você, still without Ana Maria Braga, a more conciliatory tone too, without exaggerations or villainous treatment, as happened with Nizam himself and other participants who did less than Rodriguinho while confined.

You can’t help but think that this is a fear of the pagodeiro having his career jeopardized. A real fear of Globo’s production, as we already said here, of repeating what happened with Karol Conká on BBB 21

With the public, it is already clear that there is an exhaustion of the box formula, precisely because of this excessively differentiated treatment in relation to anonymous people. And let’s be fair, no famous people are taking center stage this year.

In the current edition, the guests had zero participation in the big BBB stories, perhaps with the exception of MC Bin Laden, due to his gossipy way of being.

The fact is that the box side of the BBB is increasingly less justified. Rodriguinho’s participation could be the missing stone for celebrities to be abolished from the reality show.

And, okay? If Globo reviews this for BBB 25, they won’t be missed much.

Source: Folha

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