Andréa Nóbrega opens up about her mother’s Alzheimer’s: ‘She forgot me’


At 55 years old, Andréa Nóbrega is completely dedicated to caring for her mother, Yolanda Bezerra, diagnosed with Alzheimer’s more than ten years ago. In an interview with Daniela Albuquerque on Sensacional (RedeTV!), the actress opened up about the consequences of the disease.

“She forgot. She looked at me and said: ‘Hey, girl. Hey, aunt'”, says Andréa. “Alzheimer’s is turning off, turning off, [a pessoa] becomes a baby. My mother doesn’t walk anymore, she eats through a tube, but I still try to encourage her to eat a little fruit”, she details.

“In the beginning, we learn to get into the story. The person with this disease, if you scream, they scream. If you speak harshly, they speak too”, says Andréa.

Single for eight years, since the end of her marriage of more than two decades with Carlos Alberto de Nóbrega, she says that, due to caring for her mother, she has put her love life aside. She says that she has even received advances from suitors, but she refuses.

“Now I’m alone. People ask: ‘But how, Andréa?’ I take care of my mother. I say ‘no’. The priority is my mother,” she says.

Known for being part of the cast of A Praça É Nossa (SBT), Andréa also spoke about her beauty care routine. “We need to take care of ourselves outside and inside. I diet and exercise.” The program will air this Thursday (29), at 10:30 pm, on RedeTV!.

Source: Folha

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