BBB 24: Luiza Brunet criticizes Wanessa’s expulsion and shares post about Davi: ‘Manipulator’


Luiza Brunet used social media to take a stance on the expulsion of Wanessa Camargo from BBB 24 (Globo). Yasmin Brunet’s mother reflected on gender in Instagram stories this Saturday (2) to criticize the disqualification of her daughter’s ally in the game.

“Brazil is the fifth country in the world that attacks and kills its women the most. How many attackers were punished? Brazil is the first country that kills the most trans and transvestites. By men. How many were punished? In the BBB, a woman was criminalized and punished. This is our reality”, he wrote.

Soon after, she shared a post from a psychologist who called David a “manipulative” and “narcissist”. In the story, there was a video of Yasmin questioning Davi’s decision to report the attack to the program’s management and a text saying that the Bahian is a narcissist. “Manipulative! He didn’t even have the courage to come home, because the role of victimhood continues”, said the post.

A few hours later, Brunet returned to stories for an addendum. “For the people who read but don’t understand. Brazil is the fifth country that attacks and kills the most women. Black, brown, white, yellow, indigenous. They are all suffering in search of justice. Women are women”, he said .

Wanessa was expelled from the reality show this Saturday morning after attacking Davi after the party. The Bahian was sleeping in the magic room when Wanessa entered the room jumping, singing, dancing and ended up waking up her brother with a slap. The expulsion divided opinions on the internet and part of the public considered the program’s decision exaggerated.

Source: Folha

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