Great tension between Schiza and Tsampis in the locker room after PAOK-AEK Betsson!


An intense “third half” seems to have had the “double-header derby” in between PAOK and AEK Betsson in “Palataki”, which ended with the “yellow and black” winning.

After the match, Ilias Zouros spoke of “incidents outside the AEK locker room”, without however making it clear what exactly happened. Ultimately, based on what they leaked, it seems that the tension was about them Stavros Schiza and Stratos Tsampis (gymnast of the Union).

The clashes between the two started in the fourth quarter, due to a hard foul by Schiza on Brandon Knight. THE Tsampis he had an argument with the PAOK guard, and was even expelled from the match, with the tension being avoided due to the intervention of the cooler ones.

However, the conflict between them seems to have escalated after the match ended, resulting in get caught in the hands outside of locker roomand again need the intervention of others so that the spirits to calm down and avoid much worse images.

It is worth noting, however, that after episode this things calmed down completely and her mission AEK Betsson left without the slightest problem to “Macedonia” for the return to Athens.

Source: Sport Fm

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