BBB 24: Program shows Wanessa Camargo’s reaction to discovering expulsion; look


This Saturday’s edition of BBB 24 (Globo) showed the moment when Wanessa Camargo discovered that she was disqualified from the reality show. After Davi’s accusation of aggression, the production called Wanessa to the confessional and broke the news of her expulsion. She reacts by saying “what?” and then she starts to cry.

The program also showed Davi’s visits to the confessional after the incident. Early in the morning, he made the first accusation. “She slapped my leg. I felt invaded at the time, because I was sleeping, I was resting. That’s a lack of respect. If it were me, I believe that this would be an attack. I ask that you review this situation” , said the Bahian in the confessional.

Davi then returned for a second statement hours later. “I felt attacked and provoked. I felt that she was doing that to provoke. I was lying in bed, there were several other beds empty. She came to mine”, he explained.

“Yes, I felt attacked by Wanessa Camargo. And, because of that slap, I want her to be expelled from the program”, he said.

The episode in question happened after the party. After drinking, Wanessa arrives agitatedly at the magic room, where Davi was sleeping. Jumping and dancing, she hits David’s leg with a slap.

The expulsion divided opinions on the internet and part of the public considered the program’s decision exaggerated.

Source: Folha

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