Bruno Gagliasso and Gio Ewbank turn the legend of orgies between celebrities into a topic for a talk show


Anahi Martinho

Five years have passed since Bruno Gagliasso and Giovanna Ewbank starred in one of the internet’s biggest urban legends, the Noronha surubão. Owners of a guesthouse in the Pernambuco archipelago, the couple was identified as organizing orgies involving several global artists.

The gossip took on extensive proportions and got out of control. Giovanna admits that it took a while to overcome the discomfort she felt at the time. Bruno, on the other hand, always took it as a joke, and it was from this good-humored vision of the actor that the couple’s new project for YouTube, the talk show Surubaum, was born.

“We decided to appropriate something that was given to us”, says Gagliasso to F5. “We turned a big lie into a big truth. Now Surubaum exists”, adds Giovanna.

Focused on sex and relationships, Surubaum is the presenter’s third program on YouTube, a field she has dominated for eight years. If in the early days of the channel, Gio recorded in his own bed with just two people on the team, today it has more than five million subscribers and employs more than 60 people, including her husband, who started to claim a salary.

“Ask me how much I earn? I earn nothing. She even pays a salary to Fernanda [Paes Leme] and for me, no?”, asks Bruno. “I pay with love”, replies Giovanna.

Unlike the root vlog that Gio debuted in 2016, Surubaum has a super-production look: elaborate scenery, fixed frames and even special effects. But taking him to TV is not an option. The project belongs to the internet, he points out. In April, she debuts the program Quem Não Pode Se Sacode, on GNT. The spin-off was the solution suggested by the broadcaster after Giovanna’s refusal to take her Quem Pode Pod to television. The freedom that the internet offers is essential to the success formula of your podcasts.


In the first episode of Surubaum, which airs this Tuesday (5), at 7pm, Marina Sena and Juliette reveal their favorite sexual positions, reveal the strangest places they’ve ever had sex and even describe what an ideal foreplay should be like .

Bruno attributes this lack of inhibition among interviewees to his partner’s talent for making people feel comfortable. “It’s Giovanna’s quality as a presenter”, he praises. “All of her podcasts have this line of intimacy, of lightness, people arrive ready to say intimate things that they have never said to anyone.”

For Gio, the secret lies in the fact that he is also an artist. “I’m interviewed all the time, so people trust me because, as I’m also on the other side, I’m not going to leave anyone in a bad light. There is this complicity. This leaves people free and safe and the conversation flows without fear” , it says.

Bruno, who in the first episode ended up revealing a sexual adventure he had with another woman, adds that the format leaves the presenters themselves vulnerable. “We end up answering questions too, talking about our insecurities,” he says. Gio assures that mentioning past relationships does not create a climate at home. “We are analyzed a lot by our couples therapist.”

In the nine already recorded episodes of Surubaum, guests always participate in pairs, trios and couples, never alone. “More than four people is already a gangster,” says Bruno. The group format is another element that facilitates the ease of interviewees. “The idea is for everyone to feel comfortable and speak without fear, without masks and without taboos”, says Gio.


Giovanna also sees the new job as an opportunity to make up for something she missed in her youth: the representation of women talking about sex.

“I started my sexual life with little information and little awareness. For a long time, I didn’t know that my pleasure was the most important thing, and not giving pleasure to others. It would have been different if I had had dialogue and references, and I think it is That’s what I want to do with this program”, he says. “Marina is a great woman. I think it’s so beautiful that she talks about sex, free the way she is. I wish I had had a Marina Sena when I was a teenager”, she says.

One of Marina Sena’s phrases in the first episode is: “I looked like a cow in heat.” Juliette revealed that she committed a traffic violation by having oral sex while her partner was driving on the road.

As for group sex, Giovanna and Bruno prefer to just leave inspiration for the title of the podcast. Married, parents of three children and monogamous for 14 years, they say they “don’t have the talent” to open up their relationship. “I’m very jealous, he is too, we couldn’t do it. We can live 14 years being monogamous, yes, we’re happy in life and there’s still a lot left for us to discover together”, says Gio.

In this sense, Surubaum is a step forward in the relationship. Having a project together was an old dream for the couple. “It’s the result of what we’ve built so far. We’ve already worked together, but it was someone else’s project. We had this dream of doing our own project”, says Bruno.


During Surubaum’s presentation to the press, the couple was surprised by Dilma Rousseff, who was participating in a meeting at the same hotel and mistakenly entered the room where the team was promoting the podcast. Bruno made a point of asking journalists for a break to group the former president. “Everyone is invited to our orgy, even Dilma came!”, he joked.

Source: Folha

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