Former Globo actress returns to prostitution in Europe: ‘Dramatic turnaround’


Known for playing Death in “The More Life, the Better!” (2022), trans actress Marcella Maia reports that she has experienced a “dramatic turnaround” in recent times.

On her Instagram profile, Marcella said that, due to an abusive relationship, she lost her apartment in Portugal, became homeless and decided to return to prostitution in Paris. “Life flips over, ten years have passed and I’m back in the ‘game'”, wrote Marcella, who revealed that she had suffered property violence from her ex-boyfriend, with whom she had lived for ten years.

“I’ve been through a dramatic turnaround in the last month. I’ve broken free from an abusive relationship that started when I was just 19. Three weeks ago, I was left with nothing. No food, no support, no place to call home. I lost my coverage in Porto, three million euros of wealth, my smile and my career because of malicious rumors and bad choices. But I never lost faith in myself”, he said.

In an interview with Correio Braziliense, she revealed that after the end of the relationship she was left on the street, had her belongings thrown in the trash and went hungry. “It was in this moment of vulnerability that prostitution became a refuge for me. I found a way to rebuild my confidence and ensure my financial stability,” she said.

After returning to her old profession in the French capital, Marcella managed to restructure her life. “Today, I live in a penthouse, I paid my bills in Portugal and my fridge is no longer empty. I share my story not for victimization, but to show the truth behind the ‘perfect lives’ on social media. I am a warrior, not an heiress , and I am determined to get back on my feet,” he wrote.

“Life is a constant learning and despite everything, I still believe in love. Now, I understand the value of money and the importance of being self-sufficient. My journey from being aimless to living in a penthouse in Paris in just three weeks, It’s proof that we can overcome any adversity. I’m powerful, wonderful and I have the courage to face any challenge. I’m grateful to myself for my courage and resilience”, she concluded.

Source: Folha

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