London, Thanasis Gavos

More than half of Brits have read social media conspiracy theories about Kate Middleton’s absence from public engagements, but that hasn’t affected their trust in the royal familyreveals poll on behalf of Sky News.

The YouGov poll of 2,081 adults was conducted between March 15-17before the Princess of Wales appeared at a market in Windsor on Saturday, in which she looked “happy, relaxed and healthy” according to those who saw her.

51% of respondents answered that they have seen or heard the theories about the princessagainst a percentage of 44% who have not realized what has been released.

However, 68% say they have not changed their opinion of Prince William’s wife. 9% say they trust her less, but the same percentage say they trust her more.

Regarding the information that has been officially announced about her health, 41% consider that a correct balance has been achieved. 36% would like more information and 5% think more has been said than should have been said.

Regarding the official information about the King Charles’ cancer diagnosis, 64% believe that a proper balance has been reached between public disclosures and respect for their private lives. 14% say that they have been given less information than they should and 4% that they have been given more than the necessary information.

As for trusting Charles, there is a 5% who say they now trust him less, but it is less than the 11% who trust him more after the announcement of the diagnosis. For 72% of respondents the level of trust has remained unchanged.

Confidence in the face of Queen Camilla has increased for 9% of respondentswhile Prince Harry is trusted less by 13% of citizens and Duchess of Sussex Meghan by 11%.

Meghan Markle is the member of the royal family which inspires the least confidence among citizens.

In the meantime, the Daily Mirror writes that the princely couple of Wales has requested the assistance of two public relations experts who have also worked in the past for the royal house to determine the schedule for Kate Middleton’s return to her official duties.