BBB 24: Lucas starts confusion after the leader’s test and Isabelle says: ‘Gossip destroys lives’


Lucas, from the group gnomes, monitored the reactions of allies and opponents during the fourteenth test of the leader of BBB 24. According to him, Isabelle got angry with a sister. “Fernanda, when Tadeu said that Cunhã and Alane were eliminated, you laughed,” the brother pointed out with a smile on his face.

The professor was gathered with all his allies in the kitchen of the most watched house in Brazil while he spoke. The confectioner stopped him and said, “but it was because I stepped on a ball.”

“Calm down, let me talk”, replied Lucas. “I saw that you stepped on the ball, but Cunhã was very angry, because I think you were laughing at her”, said the carioca.

Fernanda didn’t like what she heard and swore. “I almost fell badly. Do you think I’m going to laugh at someone after the defeat? Get out. It’s other people who do this”, she said to the capoeirista.

Lucas, still with a smile, made another point to his ally about his rival’s behavior, “her face [Isabelle] shooting you.”

Then, the model decided to go to the fairy room to explain what seemed to be a misunderstanding. Alane, Beatriz, Davi, Isabelle and Matteus won’t even understand their sister’s apology at first. “We didn’t even see you laughing. You can rest assured”, they said.

Fernanda explained that it was Buddha who told her. Isabelle, who has friction with her brother, immediately went to talk to him. The Amazonian woman denied her brother’s interpretation and said, “Gossip is horrible. Gossip destroys lives.”

“I didn’t gossip, Cunhã”, he defended himself. “I said to her [Fernanda] that you may have been upset at the time there”, added the carioca. The friction has a personal nature, the two participants knew each other outside of the reality show.

After a while, the cast dispersed. But, David went to see Buddha to understand how the teacher arrived at that interpretation. “I went to scold Fernanda”, he explained. According to the capoeirista, the idea was to reprimand his partner for mocking his opponents.

Matteus also witnessed the moment and explained it to his allies afterwards. Lucas left the presence of the fairies and went to talk to the gnomes. “They understood something that wasn’t true. I said, ‘if anyone is getting scolded, it was Fernanda. It wasn’t Isabelle'”, he said.

Source: Folha

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