Having players from both teams on his side, Nikos Rikounakis lost in the last duel to Christoforos Taxidis and said goodbye to Survivor. The goal was chosen, as the best in statistics, by Yannis Perpataris, explaining that he considers it fairer for everyone.

“It was a crazy experience. While I lived it I enjoyed it very much, as much as I could, more strongly. I will half-heartedly leave the game, I keep the friendships I made during this time. I gave soul and body. Good luck to everyone and I hope everyone finds what they are aiming for.” said Nikos Rikounakis as he left.

Earlier in the trophy match, the Reds had won with a score of 12-10, while the night cameras caught Stavroula secretly visiting the temporary accommodation of the Reds to see Yiannis Perpataris. The relationship between them became a topic of discussion in the Red team with most talking about a romance.



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