THE Jerry Seinfeld paid tribute to Billy Joel on the occasion of the American singer, songwriter and pianist’s 100th concert at Madison Square Gardens in New York.

The artist has been performing at the venue once a month for the past decade and has sold out every one of his 100 concerts.

Joel’s first concert at Madison Square Gardens took place on December 14, 1978.

Addressing the concert audience, comedian, host and author Jerry Seinfeld paid tribute to the artist saying: “I’m from Long Island, and Billy is from Long Island. It captured how we all feel living in this particular part of the world. Long Island. New York. It is like the partner, with whom we have spent our whole life. His music is our best friend for life.”

In February, Joel revealed why it took almost two decades to release his new single “Turn The Lights Back On”. As he explained he no longer enjoyed writing new music.

“The music was fun. Rock and roll was fun. And I kind of lost it and turned off the lights because it wasn’t fun anymore,” he said, adding that over the past 17 years, other people have tried to get him back into the studio to work on new music, but “he’s always resisted.” diligently because songwriting had become painful. I set the bar very high.”

However, he explained that when he heard about what songwriter and producer Freddie Wexler was cooking up two years ago, he began to feel his love for songwriting rekindle.