Jeff Machado case: Justice denies change of preventive detention to home detention for accused


The Rio de Janeiro Court, through judge Alessandra da Rocha Lima Roidis, from the 1st Criminal Court of Rio de Janeiro, denied the request to replace preventive detention with house arrest made by the lawyer of Jeander Vinicius, accused of killing actor Jeff Ax.

According to information confirmed with the Rio de Janeiro Court of Justice, the defendant claimed that he has financial difficulties and the need to take care of his children. But the request was rejected, as the children are with their mother, which invalidates the argument.

The actor’s body was found four months after his disappearance inside a concrete wooden chest two meters deep in a street in the Campo Grande neighborhood, west zone of Rio. Identification of the body was only possible through analysis of the prints digital.

Machado was in the fetal position with his hands tied and a steel wire around his neck, which, for the police, suggests possible strangulation. The trunk belonged to the actor and was taken from his house.

The prostitute Jeander was found and arrested in June 2023 in the Rio neighborhood of Campo Grande. He tried to escape, but ended up being captured. Bruno de Souza Rodrigues, named as the second suspect, also remains in prison.

Source: Folha

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