The president of SYRIZA-PS strongly criticized the government, regarding its economic policies, Stefanos Kasselakis during his presence at 9th Delphi Economic Forumwhere he had a conversation with the journalist of the “Financial Times”, Tony Barber.

The president of SYRIZA-PS accused the Mitsotakis government of “lies” regarding both the latest events, such as the “tempe accident” or the surveillance scandal, and the fiscal ones, since as he said, “he promised to reduce taxes purely for marketing reasons” but the “opposite” happened.

In fact, he expressed the belief that in the upcoming European elections the “difference” will “close” and SYRIZA will “surprise Europe and the country”.

Referring to economypointed out that there is “financial stability” in the country, however in terms of “convergence” with other EU countries in terms of growth, investment or purchasing power, the results are “unpleasant”.

He accused the government of not having succeeded in making the Greek economy truly “outward-looking” and that the country is still not “ready” for “recession” conditions.

He did not fail to mention the issues “rule of law” but also “regulation of open markets, such as energy”, commenting that the government “has done nothing”.

Asked about her political identity of SYRIZA even if he identifies with other European left parties, St. Kasselakis emphasized that this is a matter of “etiquette” which does not concern the citizens, who are thinking about “how they will pay the bills” and “how they will cover their daily needs”. “If the economy was working efficiently, we wouldn’t have the most expensive housing in Europe”, he said characteristically, stressing the need for “radical solutions to big problems”.

Referring also to the SYRIZA government in 2015-2019, he said that Alexis Tsipras “was elected to negotiate austerity” and that this he “tried” by bringing about important changes, not only, as he said, the cushion that was important for the country’s economy but also “better support measures” for the weak.

Continuing, he stated that SYRIZA “left the country in a very good state” and that now he is building the “progressive-center-left-interventionist party that the country needs”.

He also noted that he talks to investors “better than his competitors” and that he is the “only political leader to have succeeded in the private sector».

Invited to comment on him war in Ukraineexpressed the view that the EU should support Ukraine against Russia’s aggressive policy and that Greece has a role to play in this, not by sending weapons, but by providing humanitarian aid or providing access to its ports, however “it is up to other countries to provide the military assistance they need,” he said.

Finally, with regard to the debate on its reinforcement European defensedeclared in favor of a “transition” from “transatlantic dependence” to “independence of Europe’s military capability”.