BBB 24: Trio of finalists have already won almost R$1 million in prizes; see what everyone achieved


After presenter Tadeu Schmidt’s speech on Tuesday night (16), Brazil will know who is the winner of BBB 24 and the owner of a prize of R$ 2.92 million. Right behind the champion, the runner-up wins R$150,000, while third place wins R$50,000.

Davi, Isabelle and Matteus are the finalists of the edition and, of course, they dream of winning millions, but the trio have already won valuable items throughout the Globo reality show. Favorite for the title, according to polls on various websites and social media profiles, Davi, for example, has won more than R$400,000 in prizes so far. The app driver even invoiced a car worth R$281,900.

The Gaucho from Alegrete also won a car, valued at R$170,000, and an international trip to any destination with a companion. Isabelle pocketed R$59,500 and a national trip.

Big Brother Brasil officially debuted on January 29, 2002 and from the first to the fourth edition, the prize value was R$500,000. From BBB 5 to BBB 9, the champions took home R$1 million.

From BBB 10 to BBB 22 there was an increase of R$500 thousand and the final prize reached R$1.5 million. It was from “BBB 23” that the edition of the program began to adopt the dynamic that adds money to the prize with each elimination. As a result, Amanda Meirelles took home R$2.88 million.

See what each finalist has already won at BBB 24:

*pickup worth R$ 281.9 thousand
*R$ 100 thousand (plus specialized consultancy from the sponsoring brand)
*R$ 20 thousand
*R$5,000 in household appliances
*R$5,000 to spend on delivery
*Video game
*Cell phone
*A university scholarship

*R$ 59.5 thousand
*smart TV
*national travel with companion

* car valued at R$ 170 thousand
*R$ 35 thousand
*smart TV
*R$5,000 in household appliances
*international travel with companion;

Source: Folha

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