Rebel Wilson says member of the British royal family invited her to an orgy party


In her recently released memoir, Rebel Wilson recounts situations and life before and after fame. In one of the excerpts, the “Pitch Perfect” actress recalls a meeting that surprised her.

She says she was invited to an orgy by a member of the British royal family in 2014, in the book “Rebel Rising”, according to People magazine. There would also be drug distribution at the location.

“I got a last-minute invitation to a tech billionaire’s party – the guy who invited me is fifteenth or twentieth in line to the British throne, and he said to my friend, ‘We need more girls.'”

The meeting location would be a ranch on the outskirts of Los Angeles, California, and the theme would be the Middle Ages. Men fought on horseback in a field and girls dressed as mermaids swam in the pool.

“I was watching the British royal. There was a huge fireworks display, and at two in the morning a waiter comes out with a big tray full of what looks like sweets, and he says, ‘It’s for the orgy.'” reports. After the comment, Rebel claims to have left, as he had no intention of participating in the group sex.

“Needless to say, I pulled up my maiden dress and ran out of there as fast as I could,” she wrote.

Source: Folha

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