Another week started off right for the Blues. The team coped better with the demands of the match and managed to be the one who would go to the council in a spectator role.

Everything started badly for the Reds with Guleka, Dalaka and Atakan not being able to find points, and the score quickly becoming 7-1 in favor of the Blues. At this point the team found the courage to react.

With a red 5-2 run the match got interesting again. But a usually “red” Turk, who in the last match was selected by the Blues, was supposed to be the one who will brake the dreams of the red team for an upset. The reason for Hilmi.

The last point was scored by Fanis Boletsis, defeating Christoforos Taxidis.

The very good start brought forward for Fani and Daniel the dream situation for the Blues, to have won all the immunities until the departure, and no one of them is in danger.

There was no surprise at the council that followed, as Christoforos Taxidis was once again voted first gladiator.