Flares like we have never seen before: 5 variations of the classic bell


Flared trousers are the campaign pants, for which, probably, the neighborhood seamstress had learned you by your first name.

It is a very popular garment with τη demanding dimensions. The truth is that this trend was a trademark for the ’70s but if you were not tall enough you might not be able to join hippie (or hippy).

Today, flares have decided to leave behind the stereotypes of the past and are revolutionaryly introduced to us through many options, for every body, for every taste, for every woman.

The Flared Trousers that we stood out in the market
The bell, the pants with the characteristic large and wide opening at the end, is a trend that will take you out of a lot of thought and will make you feel comfortable and in style. If you do not do well with high shoes and seamstresses, do not panic.

The new trend of flared trousers presents new lengths, such as the one that reaches up to the ankle. Kick – flared denim, so you will find them in the market and be sure that they match perfectly with oxford shoes, perfectly highlighting a relaxed androgynous look.

You do not need to cancel the flares because you do not have model proportions. But you need to listen to your own needs and we are sure that you will find the one that suits you. Whether you prefer a high-waisted denim or a midi-waisted, then be sure to find it.

Wide – length leg trousers are the trend we learned from Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid. What excited us, however, is that we do not need to have the proportions of these models to get them and make them the go to piece.

Very high in trends are also the wide – cropped trends, whose length stops just below the knee. It is an interesting choice for this period, if we want to wear our first sandals timidly. Still, it is an ideal choice for a night out, completing the outfit with high – heels.

Because the brands listen to the needs of their consumers and because it is a truth that if we find a pair of pants, in which we will feel good, we will want to buy it in all the shades that are available, they have launched the flares in many colors.

The classic blue denim is nice, but we would not say no to black, white, beige, green, red…

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