Tips to keep your precious cashmere sweater in perfect condition


I bet your cashmere sweater is the softest and most luxurious piece of your entire wardrobe. But caring for him is essential to staying that way for many years.

After all, this is a statement piece that is never out of fashion. It is classic and timeless. Well, and comfy!

So precisely because it is such a rare and precious piece and in a closet you will not find dozens of cashmere sweaters, it is good to watch it like your own eyes.

So it matters how you wash it, how you dry it but also how you keep it in your closet.


Your cashmere sweater does not fit in the washing machine. Instead you can wash it by hand with a special detergent for delicate knits and cold water.

To really extend the life of a cashmere garment, do not wash it often but prefer to freshen it up with a spray.


No dryer, no radiator, no near hot spot. The cashmere sweater should dry slowly at room temperature, without further assistance.

  • Tip: After a lot of water is gone, spread it horizontally on a towel, turning it inside out.

Storage and storage

Once you make sure that your clothes are well dried, give it a light “massage” to restore it to the correct shape.

Be careful in its storage while it is good to avoid hanging it just so that it does not deform. Prefer to store it folded in a drawer.

  • Tip: If you store for longer periods of time, keep it in an airtight container to avoid mold and moths.

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