London Bridge is down: What will happen when Queen Elizabeth dies? (see)


It is the conversation of the days after Queen Elizabeth was hospitalized for one night in the hospital, canceled the events that would make her appearance and we all have the question, what will happen when the queen dies?

How will the news of the queen’s death be conveyed and who will be the first to be informed of the event? According to what has come to light, the news will initially be conveyed to the highest levels of government in England through a code word. While the death of George V was marked by the words “Hyde Park Corner” – so that Buckingham Palace answering machines would not hear the news – the equivalent phrase for Queen Elizabeth is “London Bridge is down”.

According to The Guardian, the Prime Minister of the country will be notified first (if he sleeps he will wake up) and will be informed that the queen is dead, through the coded phrase “London Bridge is down”.

These words will mark the Queen’s death and trigger the launch of Operation London Bridge – a highly organized plan for all that follows, culminating in her funeral.

London Bridge Company

This is the code name given to the plan for the days and weeks following the death of Queen Elizabeth. The queen has been on the throne since 1952, this is the longest time anyone has been in the monarchy in Britain.

The Queen is the cornerstone of the Commonwealth, the patron saint of nearly 600 organizations and charities, and plays a key role in the UK’s alliance with many countries, and her death will bring many changes. Not just for the UK, but for the world.

1. Its private secretary will immediately convey a message to the incumbent Prime Minister at the time. This message will probably say “The London Bridge has fallen.” The Prime Minister will then launch Operation London Bridge. Within minutes, the 15 governments outside the UK where the Queen is Head of State will be informed via a secure line. The gates of Buckingham Palace will be notified of the news.

2. At the same time, a newsflash will alert the media around the world. Every media is prepared for the news. Each radio station has a network of lights that will flash to indicate a national catastrophe like this. All BBC broadcasts will stop and show a stream dedicated to the Queen. News presenters will change into black suits and clothes that are always available in the news studio, and the traditional red BBC News badge will turn black. Newspapers, TV channels and radio stations have coverage days ready.

3. On the same day that she dies, the Queen’s eldest son, Charles, will immediately become king, although it is said that the next king will be William.

4. It is reported that the stock market, businesses and stores across the UK are likely to close for the day out of respect.

5. One day after the Queen’s death, in a live appearance, the next king will make his first official speech in the new post. The government will swear allegiance to the sound of a 41 gun salute in London’s Hyde Park. After that, the King will embark on a tour of the United Kingdom, visiting government leaders in each country’s capitals, Edinburgh, Belfast and Cardiff, before returning to London.

6. During this period, the TV channels will play the many documentaries that have already been made in honor of the Queen. The BBC will not play comedies as a sign of respect until the funeral. Television networks are not required to announce her death immediately, except for the BBC.

7. Four days after her death, the Queen’s coffin will be led in a military procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall. She will stay there for the next four days and after the King, family and officials pay tribute to her, then the doors will open to hundreds of thousands of people queuing outside.

8. The funeral is estimated to take place 10 to 12 days after the Queen’s death and Britain will mourn for at least 12 days.

9. The day of the funeral will be a public holiday for the whole of the United Kingdom. The stock market will close for the second time in less than two weeks and many companies will follow suit.

10. At 11 a.m., Big Ben bells will ring, the country will be silent, and the coffin will be taken to Westminster Abbey, where 2,000 special guests will bow their heads and pray. After the service, the coffin will be moved to Windsor Castle and finally to St. George’s Chapel, where Queen Elizabeth will probably be buried next to her father, King George, and finally her husband, Prince Philip.

11. The National Anthem and stamps will be changed to suit the new king.

12. Most likely within a year after the funeral, an official coronation for King Charles will take place on another holiday. All in all, taking into account the multiple holidays, funeral expenses and coronation, the Queen’s death is estimated to cost the UK economy billions of pounds. In addition, hundreds of changes will take place in the UK in the coming months. The new British coin will be printed with the King portrait and the Queen coin will be phased out. The same will happen with stamps, passports and police and military uniforms. And the national anthem will change to “God Save the King”.

Not to mention how the world and the Commonwealth would react to the new King could change the British royal family forever. For example, there is growing support in Australia for the country to become a democracy. And the Queen’s death could increase that support. This could lead other countries to do the same, which would almost certainly weaken the British monarchy.

This scenario will find us one day. The London Bridge operation will be activated, and undoubtedly the whole world will witness the biggest funeral and this will be the end of an era.



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