Oversized look: 6 ways to take advantage of oversized fashion pieces


Comfortable, cool and always up to date, an oversized look is really riveting at any time of the year. And because we have already started and are counting down to Christmas, which also means a noticeable drop in temperature, we decided to dedicate this article to all the ways you can “rock” an oversized look in winter.

Leather blazer

First step for a stylish oversized look: leather blazer. Really, can you resist the above fashion item? Probably not. If you want to move in seemingly basic choices, but also to give a twist to your appearance by investing in a special soil, then keep notes from the photo above. All you need is an oversized blazer and pants in the same tones. The most stylish look is ready.

Zip jumper

We are talking about an oversized look. Is it possible that our favorite zip jumper is missing? The answer is obviously no. And yes, the above appearance is the least exciting. In general, choosing a set is always a pretty wise move, as it allows you to play with countless combinations. A set with your favorite zip zumper and pants in the same shade, is the ideal look for this winter.

Puffer jacket

The choices do not end here, since a puffer jacket can always live up to your expectations. If you want to create the coolest and most authentic look, then this look is what you are looking for. Now, you are ready for the most stylish winter.

Wide leg jeans

Okay, no matter how we do it, wide leg jeans are synonymous with oversized looks. If you want to feel the cool vibes pierce you, if you want everyone to talk about your appearance, then all you have to do is be inspired by the photo above. In this case, instead of a graphic t-shirt, you can choose your favorite oversized pullover. Do not forget your fashionable jewelry.

Long coat and t-shirt

From what you understand, we have a particular weakness in coats. After all, what woman does not have? However, here we are not talking about a simple coat, but the most iconic coat. A fashion item that will give your overall look the extra twist you are looking for. You can easily combine it with an oversized t-shirt (if you are very bold) or with an oversized knitted pullover. Whichever direction you choose, the only sure thing is that your appearance will be impressive.


A knitted oversized cardigan is the trend you should invest in this winter. If you want to feel the winter vibes to the fullest and take this look to the next level, then you must without any doubt trust your white shirt. The combination is literally unplayable. Finally, for an extra touch, you can move to pastel shades.

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