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Koronovios: The “fabric” of the negative – ELAS raid on the Ministry “Ministry of Therapies” Arachova


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Despite what is happening around us, some people do not say to change their minds and not only that but they continue to seduce people by endangering their lives.

In addition, they continue to outlaw either by carrying out intrusions and threatening those who abide by the law. In Arachova, however, after an inspection by the authorities, the store of the negatives was sealed since, as we will see, it had nothing legal.

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Tax Office, Police and health check the famous Ministry of Treatments do not find permits and papers and close the famous store in Arachova.

The deniers, who had invented their own laws and coins and sold creams as medicine against Covid, were found at the Distomo police station for violating the coronavirus protection law.

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“In the past we know that he was with Sorras, they have found the vaccine, they told us about the coronavirus, okay, they are graphic, there are 2-3 people that no one deals with seriously”, says the Mayor of Distomo, Arachova, Antikyra.

And yet, there are many who fall victim to the negatives and many other .. surrealist groups, who have appeared at this time ..

SKAI reveals a new raid by the infamous Guardians of the Constitution.

It is the group that is being prosecuted by the authorities for illegal tests they performed in a diagnostic center in Thessaloniki.

In the video that came to light – they threaten an examiner of the Ministry of Transport, because he asks for a self test from the new driver, as required by law.

– I want you to be a Greek patriot and to hear these things that concern you as well.
– Please, I’m currently working…
– Yes, but we also work.
That is, at this moment I have left my service to come and scold you, you know?
– Reprimand me?
-Of course, I came to pick you up.
– Well, do not scare me with threats etc.
I did not come to scare you, you are wrong.
SKAI contacted the specific custodian and stated that he had sued the examiner for breach of duty … which was entered in the file.

“The presence of the Guardians was here as well and everything is honey-milk and everything is beautiful and nice. And do not show selfishness, because if we show selfishness we will go where we should now. Okay? Warm request…”, he said.

Guardians of the Constitution were also found in Xanthi with a luxury car and German license plates.

Vaccines are so fanatical that they insist on incredible conspiracy theories at a time when their own people are in danger of dying from coronavirus.

“By the grace of God we will not be vaccinated because all the vaccines against the coronavirus are bathed in the blood of innocent embryos,” said Archimandrite of the Holy Diocese of Aetolia and Acarnania while Metropolitan Kosmas remains intubated in Evangelism for 5 days. multiorgan failure and severe respiratory deterioration.

The same outrageous lies are preached by the elder Dositheos in Serres who guides dozens of believers.

“The blood of young children, in vaccines, does not separate man from God? That alone, is not enough for us? And you by force to send him there, to vaccinate him, with the Devil, ostensibly to do you cure him? ” reports.

“If someone, deliberately, leads someone to doom, either mentally or physically, he is obviously opposing the work of the church which exists for the salvation of the people,” said the Spokesman of the Holy Clergy Association of Greece.

The statement of the Metropolitan of Messinia Chrysostom is typical, for the existence of the Middle Ages in the church that invests in the death of people.

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