Ômicron makes ABC cities ban New Year’s Eve and Carnival


The seven cities of ABC Paulista decided to prohibit the celebration of New Year’s Eve and Carnival in public and private environments. The decision was taken unanimously this Tuesday morning (7) among the seven mayors who are part of the Consortium Intermunicipal Grande ABC.

The group is formed by Diadema, Mauá, Ribeirão Pires, Rio Grande da Serra, Santo André, São Bernardo do Campo and São Cetano do Sul,

In a statement, the consortium said that the decision was taken because of the omicron variant of the new coronavirus, which last week had three confirmed cases in São Paulo: that of a missionary couple, who are in isolation in the home of relatives in the capital. Paulista, and a man from Guarulhos, also isolated in his residence.

“In relation to other events, the performance will be allowed as long as they follow the health recommendations in force in each municipality during the period in which they are held, without the public standing up”, said the consortium, in a statement. “The goal is to avoid clusters that could favor transmission of the virus and a new wave of Covid-19.”

Last Friday (3), Mayor Orlando Morando (PSDB) had already banned New Year’s Eve events in São Bernardo do Campo —the traditional Christmas tent will also not be held this year because of the micron

By decree, the toucan also once again limited the opening hours of establishments in the city. As of next Monday (13), stores, —including shopping malls—, bars, restaurants, convenience stores, concert venues and buffets will have to close at 1pm. Events and concerts with people standing are also prohibited.

In the state of São Paulo, since November, all activities have been released without restrictions on time, capacity, or obligation for people to be seated.

The other six cities in the ABC will not make time restrictions, but will maintain the mandatory use of masks until the beginning of January, when the theme will be re-evaluated by the collegiate.

With the emergence of the omicron variant, the government of São Paulo decided on Thursday (2) to maintain mandatory the use of masks in open spaces in the state. The same decision was taken by the City of São Paulo, which also canceled New Year’s Eve — the future of Carnival in the city remains uncertain. The São Silvestre race will take place.

Governor João Doria (PSDB) suspended the flexibilization of the use of masks, which would come into force on the 11th, at the request of the Scientific Committee.

The committee made the recommendation due to confirmation in the state of three cases of people infected with the new strain.

Last week, the State Health Secretary of São Paulo, Jean Gorinchteyn, said that cities should take into account the confirmation of cases of the omicron variant, when asked if the government would recommend to municipalities the cancellation of the holiday season.

Gorinchteyn also warned of the risks generated by family gatherings at the end of the year, in which people should be more encouraged for celebrations they did not promote in 2020.

“And with that, there is now a much greater risk, because people will gather to celebrate, drink, kiss, hug, shout and sing,” said the secretary. “This is a risky scenario that people need to remember, and the use of masks must be pressing.”​

high risk

The existence of the new strain was informed to the World Health Organization (WHO) on the 24th after the emergence of cases in South Africa. Since then, there has been confirmation of infections caused by omicron in the five continents.

“Given the mutations that could confer the ability to escape an immune response, and give it an advantage in terms of transmissibility, the probability that the omicron will propagate around the world is high,” the organization said on the 29th.

On the same day, health ministers from G7 countries warned that the variant requires urgent action. “The international community faces the threat of a new highly transmissible variant of Covid-19, which requires urgent action,” the ministers said in a joint statement.


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