Doria says she will adopt a vaccine passport in SP on December 15th


Governor João Doria (PSDB) stated that, if the federal government does not adhere to the vaccination passport by December 15, the document will be required throughout São Paulo as from that date.

This Tuesday (7), the Jair Bolsonaro (PL) government announced that it will only require a five-day quarantine for unvaccinated travelers entering Brazil. For vaccinated individuals, the presentation of proof and a negative test for the coronavirus dispenses with the isolation period.

“Brazil cannot become a tourist paradise for deniers. The denial of this country only exists in the mind of this minister [da Saúde, Marcelo Queiroga] and the president. If by December 15 the federal government does not adopt the passport, São Paulo will adopt it,” said Doria.

According to the governor, the document will be required for anyone entering the state by any means, whether through airports, ports or road.

President Bolsonaro is against any measure that requires proof of the vaccine. This Tuesday, he even compared the passport to a collar.

“That collar they want to put on the Brazilian people. Where is our freedom? I’d rather die than lose my freedom,” said Bolsonaro during the signing of contracts for the 5G auction, at Palácio do Planalto.

Later that day, Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga practically repeated the president’s phrase. “This issue of vaccination has worked because we respect individual freedoms. The president said a moment ago: sometimes it is better to lose your life than to lose your freedom,” he said during the announcement of the changes in the rules on borders.

as revealed to leaf, Anvisa suggested, on November 12, charging for vaccination or the imposition of quarantine on those who enter Brazil. Pressure for tighter border control increased with the discovery of the omicron variant.

The director of Anvisa said that Brazil could become an anti-vaccination tourist destination if it does not adopt the passport for those coming from abroad, as has happened in other countries.

“Brazil cannot offer an invitation to enter for those who do not want to be vaccinated. This will be a disaster for us, for all the control we have had since vaccination advanced in the country,” said João Gabbardo, executive coordinator of the Committee on Covid-19 contingency in São Paulo.

According to the state rule currently in force in São Paulo, the vaccine passport is only required at events with more than a thousand people.


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