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Bell of scientists on the coronavirus: The course of the pandemic is increasing until mid-February


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According to Mr. Sarigiannis, many studies prove the connection between climate change and pandemic situations, such as that of the coronavirus

The corona virus will register an increasing trend until the middle of February, according to the epidemiological models that the professor of Environmental and Sanitary Engineering at the AUTH and the Institute of Advanced Studies of Pavia is developing with his team. Demosthenes Sarigiannis. “We expect at most a doubling of the cases recorded daily today, that is, in the worst case we will go to 15-16,000 cases. We may not get that high. This will depend on how quickly one strain or the other will dominate, as we are currently in a phase of competition between different strains.”

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Mr. Sarigiannis speaking at FM agency and in Tania H. Madouvalou’s show “104.9 MYSTIKA HYGEIAS”, she also points out that the data in the current phase give a relatively more manageable risk situation, “because even though the new strains tend to be more contagious and present a significant immunity escape rate, the population due to vaccination and natural disease has better defenses and at the same time there is now the possibility of dealing with Covid19, with better drugs, especially in severe cases”.

To the question of whether the pandemic is heading towards an epidemic and when such a thing is expected to happen, the professor of Environmental and Health Engineering, without specifying a time, answers that it can happen faster if, as a global community and as the European Union, we take the appropriate measures. “We must not forget personal protection measures, e.g. mask, lack of co-ordination, air disinfection in public places, such as public transport, which is done in France, Germany, the United States”.

How telecommuting can help reduce the effects of climate change

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We have done many studies that prove the connection between climate change and pandemic situations, such as that of the coronavirus, says Mr. Sarigiannis at another point in his interview. “It has been proven that increased exposure to suspended particles increases the vulnerability of an elderly or vulnerable person to the coronavirus, increasing the chances of even death in case of severe illness.” So this creates an action-level issue to reduce this exposure and with changes in the way we manage the relationship between climate change and Public Health, says Mr. Sarigiannis, explaining that “this may include more green in cities, electric cars, but and what was successfully done in the first year is the introduction of a reasonable percentage of telework. That is, the ability to be able to reduce the need to travel to go to work. In Greece, given the structure of our economy which has a large percentage of the public sector, I think it would be good to see it. We have digital governance actions that facilitate all of us. Let’s transform the way we work too.”


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