The National Medicines Agency (NMA) draws the attention of consumers to the marketing of prescription pharmaceutical products “for weight loss” such as OZEMPIC, VICTOZA, SAXENDA, through websites.

According to the pharmaceutical legislation (KYA D.YG3a/G.P. 32221/2013 & G.P. oik. 22609/20.04.2022) both the advertising and the remote sale to the public of drugs administered by medical prescription are prohibited while violators are subject to additional high monetary fines.

It is recalled that the purchase of prescription pharmaceutical products through websites usually leads to the supply of fake/counterfeit products.

Most of the information through these websites is misleading, states the EOF.

Also, mentioning only the active substance of a prescription drug on websites/prints/mass media clearly refers to a specific drug and still constitutes advertising to the public, which is prohibited under the KYA D.YG3a/G.P. 32221/2013.

Consumers/patients are requested not to purchase medicines from the internet or other unreliable sources under any circumstances, because there is a real risk to their health.

The press is requested to immediately retract any prescription drug publication, including reports of active ingredient only. With a simple search, the trade name is immediately matched.

Any presentation of a drug “as information” usually leads to an increase in sales of counterfeit drugs from non-legal sources.