Vaccination against covid-19, valid use of antiviral drugs, mask in crowded places, public transport, especially for high-risk groups, are the weapons we must use to protect ourselves from covid-19.

The epidemiological situation, as it has developed in recent weeks, with a wide spread of the coronavirus in the community, an increase in cases and hospitalizations, occupied the committee of experts of the Ministry of Health for covid-19.

Scientists expect a further increase in cases in the coming period, which also causes concern about the pressure the health system will receive.

Regarding the mask usecommittee members clarify that there is no question of returning the mandatory use of masksbut it is recommended in spaces with synchronisation.

About the hospitals, the committee does not recommend mandatory mask use or make a recommendation. He reminds that there is an old recommendation in hospitals and the infection committees can restore its use depending on the epidemiological situation, either in the hospital or in general. The measure will concern hospital workers, patients and visitors.

Another topic that occupied the scientists was the low vaccination rates against covid-19 with the enhanced vaccine. It is reportedly expected to launch an awareness campaign on the benefits of vaccination, especially for vulnerable groups at risk of severe disease.

About the festive gatheringsthe experts recommend observing protective measures, performing a self-test before festive gatherings and, in case of symptoms, avoiding contact.