A regular bra fit is a great addition to your monthly breast check (Image: Getty)

As a bra wearer, one of the best feelings after getting in shape is a perfectly fitting bra. One way to accomplish this is by using a regular fit.

And we are never talking about blue moons.

This is because breasts naturally change in size and shape, often for hormonal and health reasons. It is important to practice breast awareness. This means having your breasts checked regularly for unusual changes that might indicate breast cancer.

“Just like any other part of your body, your breasts respond to hormonal changes during your menstrual cycle,” said Dr. Briony Henderson, a senior physician at digital health provider Livi.

For example, many women have naturally swollen, sore, or lumpy breasts in the week before their period.

A regular bra is a good way to make sure you’re wearing a bra that not only makes you feel comfortable, but also fits well and can help prevent health problems like poor posture and back and chest pain.

Chest circumference RGB color icon.  Women's upper body measurements, tailoring options.  It is a custom made chest width specification.  Isolated vector illustration (Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Our breasts naturally change in shape and size throughout the month (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

But more importantly, a regular bra fitting can help detect signs of breast cancer.

“Knowing what your breasts should normally look and feel like can alert you to unusual changes that could be a symptom of breast cancer,” says Dr. Brion.

“Ideally, you should check your breasts once a month, on the same day a few days after your period,” she adds.

“If you’re postmenopausal, you should check your breasts for lumps on the same day each month,” she adds.

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Breast awareness is a monthly check for breast abnormalities (Image: Getty Images/Dorling Kindersley)

Checking your breasts regularly is about how they look and feel.

Most women have slightly asymmetrical breasts, but when checking for changes, it’s important to look for what’s unusual for you.

According to Dr. Brown, this means changes or symptoms that were not there before.

Therefore, a regular bra fitting is a great addition to your monthly bulge control routine as it helps alert you to any unusual changes.

“For example, if it suddenly becomes asymmetrical, it means your normal cup size no longer fits both breasts,” says Dr. Brown.

If you find a lump in your breast or notice other symptoms, it’s important to see your doctor as soon as possible, she emphasizes.

“The vast majority of tumors are benign and can have other causes, so don’t panic.

“Also, painful lumps are usually hormonal, not cancerous.

“Your doctor will examine you and refer you for further tests if necessary.”

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